Monday, June 25, 2007

Morse v. Frederick

Morse v. Frederick. MSNBC report.

My view on this is fairly simple.

1. Apparently this was a public (state) high school. If so, the feds should have no right to interfere. So the outcome of the decision was actually correct--the S. Ct. should not overturn the local gov't's way of handling this.

2. If the state can ban drugs, I see no reason why it can't also ban advocacy of drugs. I mean they can conscript people, so why is it worse to tell them not to wave aroudn a flag. The problem is the massive power the state has. If it bans drugs and conscripts, why are we surprised it regulates advocacy.

3. If the 1st amendment does apply here (I think it does not), then I am not sure it prevents the high school's regulation. (It should, but I am not sure it does.)

4. There should be no laws against drugs, there should be no public high schools, and there should be no laws regulating speech.

5. If a private high school wants to expel a student who advocates use of drugs, they have that right,of course.

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